The Muslim Writers and Publishers Association (MWPA) aims to advance career and publishing opportunities for Muslim writers and independent publishers. We serve as advocates and seek to create a platform that highlights their contributions and allows them to share their authentic stories with the world.

Our member base consists of a diverse group of writers and literary professionals from all over the globe. MWPA members are published authors, freelance writers, poets, journalists, illustrators, and successful self-publishers.

By providing a forum for Muslim writers and publishing houses to network and learn, we’ll create a resource that teaches the methods and business practices for our members to create financial stability while earning a halal income.

We are proud to represent a collective of talented professionals who have received numerous literary awards from outlets including the New York Times, Nick Jr. Magazine, Huffington Post, Middle East Book Awards as well as numerous Amazon bestsellers.


MWPA Mission Statement

Educating and connecting Muslim writers and publishers to grow profits and reach.

By becoming a member of MWPA you can look forward to gaining valuable feedback on your literary projects, take advantage of paid writing opportunities posted in our members only area, and have access to webinars and trainings by expert Muslim authors and industry leaders. We also offer discounts on writer tools, resources, and books exclusively for our members. To learn more about joining MWPA, click here.

Our Founder


On a mission to increase the visibility of Muslim voices in media, Sakeena has launched numerous initiatives to bring Muslim identity and narratives to the forefront. Having worked as a freelance writer for over 10 years, self-published and operated a niche writing service—she’s learned first-hand the challenges Muslim writers face.

There is strength in numbers. With that outlook, Sakeena believes that uniting under a professional association that represents our interests, supports our beliefs and helps Muslims share their stories will create a positive change in our Ummah. She is dedicated to helping Muslim literary professionals become financially self-sufficient and earn a halal income through their work.

She first began working on the ideation for the Muslim Writers and Publishers Association in 2015. Presently, Sakeena is managing MWPA’s Facebook group, and working with talented authors, experts, and advisors who are toiling behind the scenes in preparation for MWPA’s launch.

sakeena rashid








Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) 2012-2017

Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC) 2012-Nov.2017


Interviewed for/appeared in -BuzzFeed News, Mvslm, The Muslim Vibe, About Islam, Muslim Girl, Medium, Go Muslim.


Muslim of the Year in Arts and Cultures (2014) – Academy of Muslim Achievement


  • Founder, The Muslim Writers and Publishers Association
  • Coach for ambitious writers and self-publishers looking to grow their brands
  • Author, The Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style and Fashion (Deeni Girl Media)
  • Author and designer, Henna Happiness (Deeni Girl Media)
  • Host, Share Your Story Sunday (MWPA)
  • Publisher/Developer, Islamoji App
  • Former Contributing writer to Sisters Magazine, and The Halal Journal
  • Author of numerous business, marketing, resume, job search, and halal industry articles


Email: contact@muslimwriters-publshers.org
Website: www.SakeenaRashid.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorSakeenaRashid
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sakeenarashid 


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