#BlackMuslimWriters Campaign: Call for Proposals

Asalamu Alaikum, my name is Sakeena Rashid and I’m the founder of the Muslim Writers and Publishers Association. My goal in forming this association is to increase Muslim visibility and voices in media and publishing. I’ve tried to heighten Muslim identity through other endeavors, like my Isamoji App which created a fun set of Muslim-themed emojis for use on our smartphones. Presently, I am working on an online campaign for Black History Month to recognize the contributions and brilliance of Black Muslim Writers.

Share Your Story

I believe that each of us has a story to tell, something that is special and uniquely our own. I want you to Share Your Story. I invite Muslim poets, journalists, authors, bloggers, and writers of all backgrounds to contact us and submit a brief proposal detailing:

Who You Are (Bio):

What Your Writing Work Consists of (include samples):

And answer this question: Why do you believe writing is so important in our current climate and why is telling your story necessary?

My Ummie said shine your light on the world

Alhumdulilah, we have an Ummah full of talented people with unique experiences and insight that we can all benefit from. I want to shine a light on that talent and include a variety of content for this project. Spoken word pieces, personal essays, interviews, Facebook Lives as well as author readings will all be potential options for you to showcase your work.

I believe it’s imperative to highlight the contributions of those (specifically within the Ummah) that are doing great work. Those efforts may not always be given the attention they deserve in various aspects of our community. Being proactive and creating opportunities where diverse creative works can receive further exposure is something that I am passionate about. Insha’Allah this campaign will be a collaborative effort with various organizations from within our community joining us to help spread the word.


And He found you lost and guided you. Quran quote

As Muslims, the Quran encourages us to seek knowledge. From that knowledge, our entire Ummah can be strengthened if we pass on the wisdom that we have and life lessons that we’ve learned. Allow this to be an opportunity for you to share your wisdom, a transformative life lesson or the beauty of your work. You’ll never know how your story can guide someone to their truth or positively impact another person’s life until you share it.

Additional Details:

The #BlackMuslimWriters campaign is open to Muslim writers of all ages. It is not location specific and is accepting submissions from writers who identify as black i.e. having African ethnicity/heritage. We will select a different writer for each of the 28 days of Black History month to feature. We’ll cap the applicants once we’ve reached the limit and if needed, we will create a waiting list if the internal deadline is not met by the selected participants.

Copy the info below to include in your email to MWPA: 

Who You Are (Bio):

What Your Writing Work Consists of (include samples):

And answer this question: Why do you believe writing is so important in our current climate and why is telling your story necessary?

Send your email to us using our contact form with the subject line “Black Muslim Writers.”

Deadline: We are still accepting submissions!

Fine Print: All rights to content shared with MWPA from participating writers remain the property of those individual content creators. Participating in this campaign does not give us the right to use your work in any other project or medium. Your content will be shared publicly as part of the campaign, we will not charge for access to it nor limit its accessibility. Any additional questions or concerns should be sent thru our support department via our contact form.

Contact Us

If you need more information, have questions or would like to support this campaign in some way please get in touch.

Use our Contact Form or

Email to send us a message.

Sakeena is a freelance writer, author, and founder of the Muslim Writers and Publishers Association. Her dream is to help Muslim writers share their stories with the world. She is currently working on a memoir and preparing for the launch of MWPA.

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