#BlackMuslimWriters: Umm Zakiyyah Feature


Who Is Umm Zakiyyah?

Professionally, “Umm Zakiyyah” is a pseudonym or pen name that I use for my writing and business projects.  So when I think of the professional persona of “Umm Zakiyyah,” she is an artist who shares her heart with the world through novels, self-help books, blogs, essays, and through other people’s stories in hopes that this sharing will inspire others to look deep within and challenge themselves to be both honest and compassionate with themselves on their personal, emotional, and spiritual journeys in this world. And most recently the artistic persona of “Umm Zakiyyah” is now sharing stories through filmmaking.

Personally, I view myself as a regular human being like everyone else, with all the emotional, personal, and spiritual struggles that come along with our life journeys on earth. Behind the scenes, I spend a lot of time reflecting, journaling, and reading and studying Qur’an. I’m also blessed to teach Qur’an, and this is something I enjoy immensely, as it allows me to connect with my sisters in Islam in a way that isn’t really possible in the “professional” Umm Zakiyyah world. I look at this as my “down time” from all the public work, where I can just connect to others in a way that allows us to inspire each other.

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Sakeena is a freelance writer, author, and founder of the Muslim Writers and Publishers Association. Her dream is to help Muslim writers share their stories with the world. She is currently working on a memoir and preparing for the launch of MWPA.