Content Marketing Strategy for writers and authors

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy: for Writers and Authors

Developing a content strategy is a key component of online marketing and book promotion. If you’re planning to market your book (or multiple books) online, you’ll need to create, publish, and distribute content to your targeted audience.

If you’ve heard the term “Attraction Marketing,” content marketing as part of a content strategy is a similar principle: the aim is to attract your ideal customers and readers to you with your marketing.

Arguably most everything we write or create is “content marketing” in a certain sense, even if you’re not specifically selling something. It’s content marketing because you have something to say and you have an audience in mind – an audience that you want to read your work. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is also used by businesses in order to:

  • Attract attention and generate leads.
  • Expand their customer base.
  • Generate or increase online sales.
  • Increase brand awareness or credibility.
  • Engage an online community of users.

As a writer or publisher, you might look at this list of the reasons that businesses use content marketing and be thinking., “Oh, I totally want to do all those things for my books as well!”

You want to… Attract more readers and gather emails.

You want to… Expand your readership and reach new audiences.

You want to… make more sales of your book(s).

You want to… to grow awareness of your book and build an online reputation. You want to be seen as knowledgeable and influential in your niche.

Most likely you also want to spur engagement in your community. You want to get readers and followers to interact with you and have discussions about your writing. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be writing or considering writing, in the first place.

So the best way to achieve all these objectives is with content marketing!

Content marketing attracts prospects and transforms them into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content.

Some of the most powerful types of content for writers and publishers include:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

These are some of the more popular types of content used to educate and gain the trust of readers.

Why use content marketing?

The purpose of content marketing is to build brand loyalty by educating visitors and readers. The aim is to create a willingness and ability to trust you and/or purchase from you in the future.

Content marketing is subtle and it’s informative. Done right, it adds value before it ever asks for the sale. The central idea of content marketing is that brands need to give value before they ask for anything of value in return.

Instead of sharing a commercial or an ad, content marketing becomes the story.

However, one of the challenges of successful content marketing is that it generally requires developing large amounts of content on a regular basis, ideally as part of a well-thought out content marketing strategy.

So, what type of content is best for your book launch?

This is where it really comes down to what your objective is with your book…

Are you trying to spread your message, or call attention to some issue important to you? You may want to focus on crafting a ton of posts on your thematic topics.

You may also want to look for influential collaborators in your niche with whom you can share your views and posts with new audiences passionate about the same topics as you.

Content Strategy is the key to every successful marketing plan.

Content strategy is so important, I’ve actually developed a whole business content strategy course addressing it.

But content creation is more than just putting up blog posts whenever you feel like it.

Here are four key tips for building a content marketing strategy:

1 – Plan it out

You want to plan your strategy and organize your content calendar at least six weeks in advance of posts: ideally on at least a quarterly basis. This will ensure you’re hitting your niche’s most important themes regularly.

2 – Be consistent

Regular content creation is key. It helps you stay motivated, timely, and engaging.

3 – Silo your content

Group your content around themes (also a known as content silos). Organize your content in a way that will allow you to guides visitors to take other actions, like visit another related post or video.

4 – Use calls to action (CTAs)

Speak directly to readers while you write. Encourage them to take actions like buying your book or joining your mailing list to learn more.

One last piece of advice…

Remember, what makes something “hot” or “viral” is almost impossible to predict. Instead, test, see what works, refine it, and test again.

Soon, you’ll hit on a winning strategy that you can replicate. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to all your content. This will ensure you continue growing your reach and spreading your message to a wider audience.

Janet Kozak is the Community Manager for Noor Kids as well as the Founder of and Her passion is Content Marketing. Janet helps businesses and bloggers craft PR and Content Marketing strategies for their brands.

Janet’s bylined articles are featured in dozens of print and online publications including; About Islam, Al Jumuah, Islamic Horizons, The Islamic Monthly, Productive Muslim, SISTERS Magazine, and Women’s INC. She’s also been interviewed for The Huffington Post, Glassdoor, Work At Home Success, My Corporation, The New York Public Library, and NBC News.

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