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Write for us on the Muslim Writers and Publishers association blog


Muslim Writers and Publishers Association (MWPA) was created to educate writers and amplify Muslim voices. We also aim to develop a strong network of authors, editors, publishers, illustrators, businesses, and readers!

Our goal is to create a platform where contributing authors can provide value-rich and provocative articles related to writing and publishing. We invite you to become a contributor at the MWPA to share your experiences and expertise.


Want to write for us?


Do you share the same vision of the MWPA? Then please share your thoughts. We accept work in the categories below. If your idea doesn’t fit any of these categories, please share a short paragraph of what you want to write and why.


Book Reviews (Fiction or Nonfiction) – Want to review a title by a Muslim author? Share your thoughts about the book with the whole world!

Business – Have to knowledge or tips to share when it comes to the business side of being a writer or publisher? We’d love to hear from you.

Content Marketing – Are you a master of marketing or creative crafter of copy? Share your expertise on how to write powerful copy that converts readers into customers.

Editing – Can you argue at length about the Oxford comma? Do misused homonyms make you cringe? Lend your editorial expertise and share your content and line-editing experiences with the writers who need your help!

Illustration – Have an artist or illustrator you admire? Are you an illustrator yourself and want to share some of your processes and techniques? Please share your thoughts!

Marketing – General marketing advice that relates to writing and publishing is always appreciated. Topics may include online marketing, email list building, social media marketing, book launches, events, readings, and more.

Muslim Authors – Know an amazing Muslim author that deserves some attention? Write an author interview to be featured on the blog!

Poetry – If you have a passion for poetry please share your thoughts, lessons, and tips.

Writing Tips – Just starting out? Seasoned professional? We welcome tips and perspectives for all stages, types, and experience levels of writers.

Writing Tools – Do you have a favorite tool or software you want to review or tell everyone about? Share your tried and tested favorites!


Writer Guidelines

Our website caters to a mostly North American audience. However, we also have visitors from countries all over the world. Remember that our audience is a global one so plan your articles accordingly.


How to get started


If you are submitting a pitch:

  1. Send us a 300-word pitch about your proposed piece through this form.
  2. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to review your pitch and reply. If we’re interested in your idea we’ll reach out via email to discuss in more detail. If you don’t hear back from us, you can assume the idea is not the right fit for our publication at this time and pitch your idea elsewhere. 🙂

If you are submitting an article:

  1. Please send us your final draft through this form.
  2. Please check your final draft for spelling and grammatical errors. Use a tool like Grammarly to help you find and correct written mistakes. Crisp, clean, and concise writing is more likely to get published.
  3. Include h2 and h3 headers in your writing to break up the text and make it more suitable for web-reading. We also recommend reviewing these writing for web guidelines.
  4. Please submit your completed article as a shareable and editable google Doc. link. This is because comments and/or edits will be made within Google Docs. You may need to set up a Gmail account if you do not have one already.
  5. Please fully complete the application form (including images, 4-5 sentence biography., social media links, Gravatar account email, etc.) for your pitch to be considered.
  6. Please provide the specific URL for the page you would like your work to be linked to in the byline (e.g. a social media username, website, or blog.)
  7. Submit any images you’d like to be attached to your piece. Please be sure that you have full permission to use any images. You must have either taken the image yourself or you can share the URL of the image you want to use from Pixabay or Unsplash.
  8. Please provide hyperlinks as references within the piece if you have referred to an external source. This is to ensure credibility and depth (e.g. when quoting someone, or providing a statistic).
  9. Please allow 4 weeks for us to review your piece and reply. If we’re interested in publishing your completed article, we’ll reach out via email to discuss in more detail. If you don’t hear back from us within one month, you can assume the idea is not the right fit for our publication at this time and pitch your idea elsewhere. 🙂

Please note –  We take plagiarism very seriously. All articles are checked for plagiarism in Copyscape. If your article is found to be plagiarized in whole or in part you will be banned from writing for the MWPA. We also reserve the right to edit the article or title for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and links as needed.

If your piece is published, we welcome you to share it in your networks and engage with any commentators on our platforms.

Our word count range is 600-1500 words, depending on the piece. If you’d like to produce a longer series over a period of time, please let us know!

Please note that the MWPA does not publish pieces that promote hate, prejudice, and discrimination of any kind.

If you have ideas on collaborating with us in any other capacity, please get in touch!