writing a book vs writing for web

Writing a Book vs. Writing for Web

Writing a book and writing for the web are two completely different beasts…

It can be hard for her to switch hats and go from writing academically or creatively to crafting the type of articles needed online.

So what makes writing for online readers so different? Why is it sometimes more difficult than writing an academic paper or book?

Well, first off, know that as of 2016 more than half of internet users are accessing websites from a portable device (like a phone or tablet).

To gauge what this means for *your* company blog or business, check out your own website stats in Google Analytics to see where you stand. You’ll be able to see what percentage of visitors are using these smaller devices to access your site.

The widespread use of these smaller screens means our copy needs to be short and concise. I advise that when writing compelling copy for web, paragraphs should have three to four sentences max.

Problogger recently shared fantastic tips for powerful web-writing. I recommend you check it out!

I’ve shared this article with the teams I manage. It’s helping *all of us* clean up the formatting of out online articles to make them web-friendly!

In essence, the four main formatting tips for web-writing include:

Paragraphs – Keep them short.
Subheadings – Use headings and subheadings to help readers stay on track.
 Bold text – Highlight key points using bolded text and italics.
 Lists – Use bullet points or numbered lists to explain information.

Think you have what it takes to write for web?

I challenge you to rewrite one or two paragraphs of a published post or article using these tips. Then, share what you’ve learned from the short exercise in the comments below!

What do you find difficult about writing for the web? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to share more tips and ideas!

Janet Kozak is the Community Manager for Noor Kids as well as the Founder of and Her passion is Content Marketing. Janet helps businesses and bloggers craft PR and Content Marketing strategies for their brands.

Janet’s bylined articles are featured in dozens of print and online publications including; About Islam, Al Jumuah, Islamic Horizons, The Islamic Monthly, Productive Muslim, SISTERS Magazine, and Women’s INC. She’s also been interviewed for The Huffington Post, Glassdoor, Work At Home Success, My Corporation, The New York Public Library, and NBC News.

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